Becci's 1994 Honda ST1100A Rallye Bike's Cockpit

Above is driver's view of the cockpit of Becci's 94 ST1100A Rallye Bike

This is the same as the above view with the Street Pilot III GPS removed to better see the mount.

GPS is VERY easy to remove for quick stowage from view for security purposes.

Here is a close-up of the SPIII bracket. You can see that the OEM SPIII bracket is fastened to the "L" bracket

with 4 stainless steel screws through the provided holes in the SPIII bracket.

The "modified" steel angle iron base bracket can be seen under the bottom two handlebar mounting bolts.

This is a right side close-up of the complete bracket. Notice the locknuts.

A close-up of the SPIII in its mount on the ST. This is a very secure mount. It has been tested under Extreme

rallye conditions in Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada without failure.