ST1100 Hints & Tips Page

ST in motion

When completed this page will be an index of the many categories of hints & tips relative to the Honda ST1100.  These categories will include but not be limited to maintenance, transportation, and operation of this great Sport-Tourer.  The main source for this archive will be from the ST1100 mailing list and direct contributions and solicitations from members of the STOC (ST Owners Club)  The categories on this page will link to other pages which will contain detailed information on the subject selected.

Installation of the XM Roady Satellite Radio ... Here are several photos of the Roady as installed on Becci's ST.

Street Pilot III Mounting Bracket ..... A few photos of an easy to make and "CHEAP" bracket to mount Garmin's GPS to the ST1100

Becci's 94 ST1100 Repainting Project ..... Photos of the evolution of changing a Black 94 ST1100 to "Patriot Blue Pearl"

Ron Major Speed Sensor Bracket ..... Here are a couple of photos of a very rare jewel created by the crusty old master himself

HID Installation .... A photo guide to installing dual High Intensity Discharge lighting in the ST.

Exorcism of the"Evil Low Beam Attenuator"....Here is a step by step procedure for converting the U.S. spec ST headlight to near "E" spec. Provided for "academic" purposes only

Jeff Bertrand's 93 ST1100A Burnt Valve ....A few photos and discussion from the STOC liST regarding Jeff's untimely exhaust valve creamation

Troubleshooting Guide ..... a handy guide to organize your efforts to solve those rare, but troublesome bugs

Recalibrate Your ST Fuel Gauge ..... adjusting the fuel sensors in your ST for more accuracy

Rear end Maintenance ..... some things you should check while you have the rear wheel off your ST

Electrical Farkels ..... a collection of little modifications you can do to make your ST "talk to you"

Suspension Modifications ..... Front Fork and rear shock tuning tips make your ST handle better and ride smoooooooooth

Tire Balancing ..... do it yourself and save

Coolant Replacement ..... use this technique, taught to us by the late ST Guru himself, Ron Major

St Carb Sync ..... here is an easy how-to by Kerry Walsh

Timing Belt Replacement ..... a step-by-step guide by Martin Brunner

Cockpit photos of Becci's 94 rally bike..... several angles of the farkels that make the cockpit of a rally bike more...entertaining?